Contemplating on the Ummah and its Leadership

Laws only work for a people who “buy-in” to them. The people must be convinced of their efficacy and benefit to themselves and to society. If they are not convinced, they won’t obey, or they obey, they will only pay lip service to the law.

Oh Muslim Leaders! Why are you spending time arguing about divine law, when the community no longer “buys into” it? The people no longer truly see the benefit of it. Not as a complete system. They pick and choose only the laws that are easy, or implement them only in the presence of others.

Their Iman is in ruins.

Instead of working to build up their faith (and our own), which is the only means of perceiving the benefit of the divine law (and hence, ‘buying into’ it), why do you spend your time arguing how to implement it, perform it, and carry it out? You can’t practice on it, when no one buys into it. Otherwise the joke’s on you.

Oh Muslim Leader! Don’t you see? That by increasing the Light of Faith of those in your community, you empower your people to carry the weight of the shari’ah?

What’s more, they CARE. They CARE and their hearts will become their guides, such that if any small action is outwardly defective according to the laws specifics, inwardly the action is perfect for indeed one’s ‘Intention is better than the deed itself.’

This is the key to success: Bring sincerity in deeds. This is only possible through fortification of faith.

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