The Lovers and the Meeting

In death he falls clinging
to ephemeral lovers beckoning,
Smiling and promising
with whispered lies

Perhaps. Perhaps.

He closes his eyes,
at the onrush of the Great Wall…

And in the Beyond,
The Intense Questioning begins.
A Great Reckoning.

“How was spent the time?
How was spent the wealth?
How was exerted the body?
How was gained the food, the clothes?”
The pen hovering, ready to sign.

In the Great Panic, he responds:
‘But this is not what was whispered,
to me in feverish dream, on death’s bed,
My lovers, my lovers will testify!’

Bring them,
The Lovers,
The selfish, sweet-tongued liars,
Always tickling the ears and the hearts
with their sweet venom,
Bring them ye to testify

In a swift rush of wings,
they are brought forth in chains,
Blind, their eye sockets empty,
Bodies bent and wasted away,
Lips cracked and teeth diseased
from all their spoken filth

He recoils in disgust. In fear. In hatred.
‘These are not they, the lovers pure
who whispered such sweet promises
in times of trouble and need’

But Truth manifests. And Silence holds sway.
The air grows heavy.
The sky itself darkens from fear.
The Presence.
The heart sinks, shattered,
hearing the dread response:

See ye your lovers in truth,
with bridal veil uplifted,
the inward reality,
of your own darkly reflected lusts
and opinion from whim.
Yours for eternity.’

‘But their testimony! Their testimony!’
Cried in anguish, he pleads with The Witness,
To the old hags:
‘Speak! Speak! My Lovers if in truth you be!’

Laughing, crying, shrieking,
the lovers meld and join as one
Laughing, crying, shrieking, proclaiming, whispering:
“Indeed, The One had promised you the truth.
And I also promised you,
but I betrayed you.
And I had no authority over you except that I invited you,
and you responded to me.”(1)
Laughing, crying, shrieking,
The lover prepares for her wedding.


(1):  Qur’an 14:21 – 14:22

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