Wake the Dreamer

Images arise from within.
Images of tomorrow, images of yesteryear.
Images of what could have been,
Images of what we wish to be.
Images of who we hold ourselves to be.

We drink these images.
We drink this poison, Dreaming
in a sea of emotion, a sea of
good feeling and nostalgia
Dreams that make us forget
(Make us heedless to the Real)
Dreams that
make promises of a better tomorrow,
remind of a golden yesterday
tomorrow (yesterday),
tomorrow (yesterday)
Ever tomorrow, Ever yesterday

There is a poison in it.
A poison that drives us to DREAM
Oh such beautiful and RIGHTEOUS dreams…
Like the Lotus eaters,
Once this potion is drunk
it keeps us dreaming
The poison clouds us,
Keeps us from waking,
Keeps us forever running toward the mirage, the desire.

Expecting reality to manifest his dream,
the dreamer grows bitter
“Why does not my dream
Become reality?”

Dreams are beautiful
(When made real
They transform the world)
But dreaming for dreaming’s sake
misleads the dreamer

It is not the dream itself
That is the poison.
But the poison is mixed in
With due measure, by the instigator
A weaver of the dream.

Oh dreamer! Look within!
Find the weaver and stay his hand!
Oh dreamer! Seek yourself and try scolding the viper,
See how it responds!

Have you heard the story of Buddha?
Buddha turned his back on the Dunya
The Dunya: Nothing but a dream
tricks us into thinking
it is reality

Buddha despised it,
saw it for what it was
Saw its poison, saw Mara (Iblis) himself,
Buddha stopped the dream.

In doing so, he angered the viper.
Iblis personified, came after Buddha.
Iblis refused to be ignored
Iblis wanted Buddha to bow to him, fear him
“Take my poison!”

Iblis screamed louder in silence.
Iblis, the master trapper
Caught in his own trap
For by waking up, the Buddha destroyed Iblis’s dream
Destroyed Iblis.

Oh you Muslim it is your turn!
Be like the Buddha and wake up!
Be like the Buddha and wake up!
Be like the Buddha and wake up!

Make your sheytan scream.


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