The Great Test

I dream
I want to spin until the world melts.
All colors fusing to One
I want the world to spinWhirlingDervish-2
with such force like a hurricane
so that all things are no more.
All evil to dissolve
And the good with it.
No need for scales, since there is nothing to weigh.

I yearn for the All of Nothing. I yearn for the days in His Presence.
A babe in the arms of its mother.

This need within my heart, this gripping need
I know from where it comes.

And when this remembrance ends, when the veil is pulled back over my dream,
I awaken again
to the world of rules, to the world of hurt, to the reality of ‘THINGS’,
To the hunters and the preyed upon,
To the myriad, deafening chorus of separation and discernment.

I want to sleep, and to melt so that there is no ‘ME’

SubhanAllah, This test is Severe indeed. The stakes are All or Nothing.

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