An Egyptian Muslim currently living in Chicago. I moved to the United States in July 2002.

I blog in Arabic and English, in Egyptian Mind, I write about various subjects that interest me.

This blog is about religion in general, and my chosen faith, Islam, in particular.

I will write about how to be critically loyal to my religion; my thoughts about other religions; the problems of present day Muslims, and any other issues related to religion and spirituality.

I believe that those who think they possess the ultimate truth are possessed by their ego! And I believe that those who think they are the best because they follow a particular religion worship their religion instead of worshiping God! I have chosen to revert to Islam because I do think it makes the most sense to me. But in no way do I think that Muslims are the best or closer to God.

I believe that Believers of all faiths are the true brothers. God is one, and those who have Him in their hearts are one family, regardless of the labels that might seperate them on the surface.

To email me: mohamed at shedou.com

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