A poem by an anonymous friend


I want to go visit the stars
The birthplace of our dust
The place where Allah
Mixed our clay
With His Breath

I want to taste it
I want to taste it
When Adam (as) received the Breath
When the Rooh entered
his heart.
I want to drown in that

Ya Allah
We wander too long here
Too long in this dunya

SubhanAllah, the world is a wonderful place
My Rabb, My Lover
But I am tired of its trinkets
You told us to LOOK!
Look at the sky and the heavens
Until our eyes return to us, Tired ***

Oh Allah,
My eyes are tired
My eyes are tired
Of having searched all creation
for my Lover, My Ravisher
My eyes are tired from looking

I am like Yacoob (as), Oh Yacoob,
I taste your tears of separation from your beloved
My heart cries for so long, Sighing
that in time, as a Mercy from You,
My heart goes blind from its tears.
It cannot stand separation.

Though I leave you,
My Love
Because I am weak****
in my weakness
Do not thou leave me.
Do not thou leave me.
Don’t leave….
Though I have died from sorrow
Don’t leave my grave

For even in death
I have hope
That my eyes will again see
Your Beauty, Your Noor, Your Face

***: Reference to Quran 67:3 – 67:4
****: Reference to Quran 4:28

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