Recommended Books on Islam

I created this page to offer you a list of my recommended books about Islam. This will not be a static page, I will keep adding new books as I remember, read or come across new titles. I felt the need for this list thanks to my dialogues and the questions I get from non-Muslims who are confused and wondering what Islam is all about, what Muslims really believe. Some wonder what are the sources or books that Muslims feel they represent their faith the way they adhere to it, not the way Islam haters perceive. If we want to understand any culture, we have to understand it from within, no matter what opinion we might form about it, we will never have an accurate understanding until we listen to the people who live it and see why and how they see it.

That’s my (growing) list of recommendations:



Online/Free Sources

1. An online English translation of the Quran.

Muhammad and his life (you can’t understand Islam without learning about the life of its Prophet)

Books (Amazon Links)

1. The Life and Work of Muhammad (Critical Lives)

2. Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters


1. Hear Islam mp3 Downloads

More soon!

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