The Real Reasons God is Unhappy with “US”!

Is God happy with the world? With “us”? Believers from all religions might be wondering. Many of them nowadays are sure that He is really unhappy with us!

Interestingly, followers of every religion have their own (contradicting) explanations of God’s unhappiness with our world today. There is some agreement on some details, but mostly, every group has a different understanding of the real reasons of this Divine Unhappiness.

Here is the problem: We don’t realize that God is really unhappy with our explanations of why He is unhappy!

Well, to summarize, every group thinks that God is unhappy because their own faith/religion didn’t take over the world, yet! Not only that, He’s unhappy because we didn’t give Him this Mosque or that Temple! As if God really cared about the Mosque or the Temple or the Church more than He cared about His children, His creation: People!

Jews and Christians think that God will be unhappy until they give Him the Temple and the Land that He always wanted! Muslims think that God will be unhappy until they give Him the Aqsa Mosque back and free Jerusalem! Well, people, let’s face it: we really are having some very offending ideas about God! We’re not giving Him His deserved Dignity and Power and Wisdom and Mercy. Do we really think that an All Wise Lord will care about some buildings more than about humans?!

But wait, it gets even darker! It gets as scary as thinking that God is unhappy until all the prophecies of the End of Days come true!The Jews need to build the Temple and have control over the Holy Land. The Christians join in this goal, not because they love Judaism, but because once the Temple is built and Jesus comes back, the good Jews will convert to Christianity, and the bad Jews will remain Jews, therefore will be cursed and destroyed! And of course Muslims have one role: get out of there. But wait, Muslims too need to purify the Aqsa Mosque, fight the Jews (and kill them for sure)…they too are eagerly waiting for Armageddon!

So that’s the miserable state of groups of believers now: they’re all waiting for a Global War, Armageddon, to finally make God really happy with them!

But it gets even more dull! Not only some “believers” are impatiently waiting for Armageddon, they actually wish to proactively make it happen, FAST! Why wait for the Mosque to be removed by a Divine accident, let’s just take care of the removing ourselves! They wish to be part of the distinguished group who will fight the “others”, the bad ones!

What’s funny is that everyone of us can be the good one and the bad one at the exact same moment, it only depends who’s looking at you! And of course, God agrees with our own judgment, He agrees that those whom we think are the bad ones are really so, while those whom we think are the good ones are really so as well - mostly us and those who will convert to our Religious Brand!

We even had some American presidents (most notably Reagan) who wholeheartedly believed that they will witness this blessedEnd of Days! Being a Western democracy doesn’t make you immune to having presidents who wish for it to happen, fast! After all, we have to go through the Rapture and Armageddon before we get to the Millennium! We have to have the Awaited rightly guided one (Almahdi Almuntazar) to finally be real Muslims!

Wait, be patient! I’m not making fun of your beliefs (hey, I’m a believing Muslim, so I’m included in all that, let’s just make fun of ourselves! We all deserve it!). I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t believe in the Prophecies. Of course we each believe that our religion is true and that God will bring victory to the Truth. That’s fine. But the way we deal with it is totally NOT fine! And many times the way we define “truth” is also very untrue!

I will not argue that many of the prophecies are not crystal clear in all the Scriptures. So the interpretations, in many cases, are just that: interpretations. No, that’s not even my point.

I started by suggesting that God is actually unhappy with our very reasoning of why He is unhappy with the world. It’s not because of buildings or lands; God is beyond and above any building, no matter how sacred it is. He is worshiped and honored any and everywhere, in the hearts of believers. The hearts of believers will remain forever, because Man is eternal, however all the buildings of the Earth will one day vanish, forever. That’s the real point: what’s more important to God, the temporary or the eternal? Buildings and lands or humans?

Instead of seeking God’s pleasure with us by wishing to be part of the End of Days prophecies, why not seek His pleasure by delaying them?! Pay attention please, I’m not saying “preventing” them, I’m saying “delaying” them, I know the prophecies, the true ones at least (only God knows those ones!) cannot be prevented.

Do we honestly think that God will be happier with any of us who tries to make the Prophecies happen one way or the other than with the ones who try to delay them?

Let’s see. Those who wish to prepare for the Prophecies to take place have to make sure a Global War should happen soon! They also need to make sure that the Children of Abraham’s animosities will grow and get worse and more serious! Do you see Godly activities here?!!!

However those who wish to delay the Prophecies need to work on creating cooperation and mutual understanding, on promoting peace between all people of different religions and of no religion. Are you telling me those are the wicked ones?!!!

Why not, instead of meeting our Lord as the generation of a global destructive war of His creation, meet Him as the generation who delayed this insanity? The generation that delayed Armageddon for centuries because we created peace, justice and forgiveness in the Holy Land, we focused on the problems that are common to all of us, on the billions of people who live under the poverty line, the thousands of children who die every day because of malnutrition, the destruction of the resources of our Earth, the abuse of the weak by the powerful, the absoulte dictatorships that destroy the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of fellow humans, etc. Aren’t those things that are  making God really unhappy with us because we let them happen?!

Do we really think that God is more pleased with us when we insult believers of other faiths, than when we speak to them in kind words and remind them and ourselves that we have much more in common?

How did we get to a point where we believe that God loves hostility and harm more than kindness and harmony?!

Children of Abraham, let’s wake up to the Truth of our Lord!

Final note: I’m not making generalizations, I know people are not the same! If you’re upset, try to focus on the real purpose and the main message!

Do We Need Religion?

After all, what do we need religion for? We have seen that in many instances, religion made life worse rather than make it better. Why should we stick to something that doesn’t improve life and make Earth a better place for everyone, with equal opportunity? Well, we just shouldn’t!

If something is making things worse, we should avoid it and look for something that makes life better instead. That should be a common sense rule. Our goal is to make life better for ourselves and, hopefully, for others as well.

So what do we use religion for? What purpose does it serve so we can examine it can really make life any better? In essence, religion is about God. If we have an accurate perception of God, He must be Just, Merciful, Loving, Forgiving (all among the 99 Names of Allah in Islam), therefore religion, as it serves God, should also be about all these beautiful values. If this is what religion can give us, who in the world wouldn’t seek it?! Very simple, but not really as simple as it should be!

What happened is that religion became self-centered whereas its goal should be all about God. Well, as I say religion, we better think “people”, since religion is just a tool. You can use a knife to kill or you can use it to cook! You can use money to help the poor and you can use it to buy weapons or buy drugs!

The real problem with religion is when people focus more on Religion than on God Himself! That’s why we have seen throughout all of history religion being used to evil ends. People used their holy books to justify all kinds of injustice. People with dark hearts will find any and every excuse for their deeds. If not religion, they’ll just join the Mafia! They will just try to find a justification for their self-centered and selfish pursuits wherever they can find it.

Which comes down to this, the problem is not with religion as much as it is with us, with people! People who focus on God, will pick the good wherever they find it, will stick to the things that draw them closer to their Beloved Lord. But once our commitment to God weakens and our ego takes over, we will use religion for the exact opposite of God. You will see people worshiping their religion more than they worship God. As I listen and look at extremists from all religions, I always see the same things, and I am astonished how much those “enemies” really have in common!

There are brothers in God, all believers of all faiths who have Godly feelings in their hearts, who want to see everyone having their rights and dignity, who focus on love and cooperation rather than on differences. On the other hand you have brothers in Ego, they too serve the same ego even though they fight and curse one another, they’re one family whether they like it or not!

Religion is about God. We use it as a tool to help us get closer to Him. We know are closer to Him when we see our hearts increase in Love, in Mercy, in Forgiveness. If we see ourselves instead becoming angry and hateful of others, we have to stop and realize that we’re serving something other than God. We shouldn’t think so much of religion, we should just think of God, and seek help and insight from religion.

Insulting Muhammad in downtown Chicago!

It was a Friday. I was walking to the downtown mosque for the weekly collective prayer. As I was waiting for the light to cross the street, the man standing beside me started talking, or preaching. He was nicely dressed and looked decent, I looked at him and smiled, may be one of those smiles that try to say, thank you, I respect what you have to say, but I am not interested! Then I thought hearing him say: “Muhammad is down”. Then it was clear, he came closer and enthusiastically acted as if he was crushing something under his shoe, repeating: “Muhammad is down, Allah is going down”. It was a little surprise. I came across many well-meaning preachers before who stand in the streets and talk about Jesus, but I knew that none of them would publicly insult another religion; even if they believed that Allah and Muhammad are going down, they still wouldn’t say it out loud in the street.

For a while I thought the man wasn’t in his right mind. And for some other reason I didn’t feel at all offended, even though I believe in Allah/God and believe that Muhammad is a messenger, and a role model for all humans. I even thought it was funny! And to make it even funnier, I turned to him as he was insulting Muhammad and said: “Well, I am Muhammad” Then I looked at him again, smiled and repeated louder: “My name is Muhammad!” As I was now crossing the street and leaving him behind I looked at his face, trying to see the effect of my words. I thought, the guy is either not very normal, or he judged by my look that I was Muslim, and he was deliberately saying those words to me.

I have no intention whatsoever to use this little incident to play victim and give a proof that Muslims are not well liked in America. Even though they are, by some people. It’s just a human nature. I know it. I don’t think it’s right, but it’s a fact of life. The same stupidity can also be found in some of my people (Arabs, Muslims, Egyptians). People are all the same, everywhere. They have the same choices to make, no matter what color they wear or what country and culture they grew in. For an Arab, the choice can be whether or not to hate all Americans, because they hate Bush and the American foreign policy. For an American of today, the choice can be whether or not to think that all Muslims are violent, beat their wives and hate Americans for no reason. Well, a few decades ago a white American had a different choice: whether or not to go with the flow and disrespect a black human being because of the color of his or her skin! People are really the same, and the choices are the same, just with different circumstances and different names.

The Quran says that God made people different, and had He wanted to make them all into one nation, He could, but He is testing them with one another. I strongly believe in this concept. I don’t hold a grudge against this guy for insulting Allah and Muhammad, gosh I believe he deserves pity. I also believe that there is a lot of good in this country and its people, and I am confident that more and more of them will respect my religion if they just got a chance to “know better”. Knowledge. It’s a true savior! However some people will remain ignorant, no matter how much information they accumulate. Knowledge is a quality of the heart and the mind, hand in hand. I remember how the prophet Muhammad used to pray God to protect him from knowledge that would remain useless and from which he wouldn’t benefit. People need education. But nowadays we tend to forget that there is education of the mind, and yet there is one education that is the real base; it’s the one that makes education of the mind ever useful and good. We need education of the heart. It’s why God sent all those Messengers and revealed His Books.

Like learning a language, or studying for a degree, we don’t expect it to happen overnight, nor do we think that we will learn Spanish the moment we are told the rules of grammar and meaning of words. It will take time, and it will take practice. The same applies to educating our hearts and building our character. It starts with a conviction that, for example, being mean to others is no good, that we really should treat others the way we like to be treated. Once we know that, we will start a journey of falling and getting up, practicing, making a mistake then realizing that we made a mistake and committing not to make it again, etc. It’s the best education we will give ourselves, and it will get us the highest “degree” of closeness to Truth and Good/God!

Who is most loved by God? (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindous, etc.)

Whom do we think God loves most, we who believe in Him?

May be the followers of every religion would think that they are the ones. God loves them most! Jews are the chosen people, God’s children, so He loves them most. Christians, who believe in the Christ, deserve to be saved and loved by the Lord. Or Muslims who worship the one God who begets not and has not been begotten. Which group is the most loved by God? Supposing that every group even thinks that the others are OK, let alone are loved by Him.

I, as a Muslim who believe that the message of Islam is misunderstood, misrepresented, misquoted and attacked both by stupid or superficial Muslims as well as islamophobists, as such, I firmly and unshakingly believe that God loves none of the previous groups, just for belonging to any one of them.

I learn from and believe Prophet Muahammad, and here is his answer to this question:


Now here is a new group. This is THE religious leader of Islam saying that those whom God, Allah loves most are simply those who are most useful to their fellow humans. Note that he didn’t even say: those who are most useful to Muslims. Just to people. He didn’t even specify what type of usefulness. That’s why a Muslim should believes that he is rewarded by God for any benefit that he brings to people. Islam considers work as an act of worship, and work useful to others goes higher, to the Love of God. This is a very well-known saying of the Prophet among Muslims as well. It’s not Muhammad’s fault then when Bin Laden has a different opinion! Muhammad delivered the message then he passed away. He can’t come back to life to correct everyone’s illusions. This is our own mission now!

This saying is not an isolated event in the Islamic understanding:

 According to the Quran, 49:13

“Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).”

Here it is stated that God doesn’t give preference for anyone except for how righteous and mindful of Him they are. No names here, no labels (Islam, Muslims). Just values.

In another passage, the Quran refutes the idea that Jews and/or Christians have any special place just for being so:

Quran 5:18

(Both) the Jews and the Christians say: ‘We are the sons of God, and his beloved.’ Say: ‘Why then would He punish you for your sins? No! You are but humans among all those he has created”.

I like that! We’re all just humans, like all other humans He has created. He judges us not based on what religion we were born following or we say we follow. He judges us according to how righteous we are. Labels don’t matter to Him. Here comes to my mind another saying of the Prophet: “God does not look at your images and your bodies, He looks at your hearts.” Beautiful!

Yet another meaning the Prophet mentioned, where he particularly talks to Arabs, warning them from the silliness of ever thinking that because the Quran was revealed in Arabic, they as Arabs would have any advantage in the sight of God: “All people are as equal as the teeth of a comb, there is no virtue (nothing better or superior) to an Arab over a non-Arab nor white over colored except by the fear and mindfulness of God”. However we ended up seeing many Arabs try really hard to Arabize Islam! To confuse and mix their own traditions (at times stupid, dangerous, and unhuman) with the teachings of Islam.

To finish this post, I’d like to mention a very important verse from the Quran, 2:62

“Those who believe, and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Day of Judgment, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

I haven’t seen anything like that in any other scripture. Here the Quran even names those “others”, and establishes one simple criterion for all: believing in God and Judgement Day and doing good deeds, resulting in them being rewarded and having no fear. The same meaning is repeated in other verses as well. I for one didn’t find any other religion that has this same message as clearly, and that’s why I chose to be Muslim!

I hope we Muslims can always remember that true faith consists in serving God’s creation, people, no matter where they are or what they believe. Muslims strive to follow the example of their Prophet. He told them the surest way to God’s love!

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